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Top 3 benefits of using a commercial finance broker

Updated: May 22, 2020

Commercial finance brokers are a great resource for any business or individual looking to obtain finance for commercial purposes.

Through experience and expertise, a good commercial finance broker is well placed to advise you and/or your business on the best possible financing options available.

A good commercial finance broker will take the time to fully understand your business, its funding needs and identify the most suitable facility. Taking into account a range of factors such as funding levels, service, relationship and cost.

Benefits of using a commercial finance broker

Actively seek to secure you the best deal

A commercial finance broker brings with them a wealth of experience in the finance industry, offering expertise but also their contacts. Being able to speak to the right lender, at the right time for the right product is key to a smooth and speedy process. A broker is not looking to only sell one type of product, the key to spotting a good broker is one that listens to your needs before suggesting a range of products best suited to you. Brokers search and compare the market to find the best deal, which could mean savings for you. Lastly, a broker, above anything else, is driven by helping you save money and time. They do all the paperwork and chasing, meaning you can carry on with what you are best at.

Multiple products to best support your needs

A broker, through experience and contacts, usually has access to a wide range of financial products that are suitable for different situations. Traditionally, if you asked for a loan you got a loan. A broker seeks to understand your needs first before suggesting a range of options with their respective advantages and drawbacks.

They can assist with alternative finance methods

A good commercial finance broker can suggest alternative finance methods if it is deemed more appropriate for your situation. If you are asset rich, it may be worthwhile looking at asset refinancing, for example, as opposed to a traditional bank loan.

If you have been turned down by your bank, a broker can find an alternative solution meaning there is always a way to raise funds no matter what your situation might be.


As members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), we operate to an industry recognised code of practice that puts clients and the centre of everything we do.

READ MORE: Why us an NACFB broker? We believe a broker should partner with their clients for the long term, going above and beyond to provide value. That is why we work tirelessly for our clients to secure them the best possible deal for their situation.

We have great direct relationships with many lenders and understand what they are looking for so we have the experience and knowledge to get deals through successfully.

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