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How to raise finance with a complex credit history

In times of difficulty, it can be easy for financial commitments to be affected. As a result, missed payments on loans or mortgages can be difficult to avoid.

When applying for finance, it is common for lenders to assess their willingness to lend to you based on your credit report. Your credit report is a reflection of your financial health and details any commitments you might have for the last six years. They will be able to use the information on this to indicate what kind of borrower you are and how well you manage your repayments. Having negative markers could make it difficult to obtain finance. However, we have put together a short guide on some ways you can raise funds despite having a complex credit history.


Although it may be difficult to get a mortgage with a complex credit history, it is still certainly possible. However, this does depend on what kind of negative markers are shown on your report as well as when they occurred.

Mortgage lenders that will consider adverse credit may only consider missed payments if they occurred more than six months ago, or may be comfortable with unsecured arrears but not with missed mortgage payments, for example. Each lender varies widely on their criteria so it is important to check with your broker or with the lender before applying.

Typically, lenders that can accommodate applicants with adverse credit do so at a higher rate of interest.

Secured loans

Loans can be secured on many different assets. Secured loans on a property by way of a second charge can be a useful way of raising finance. Criteria for this is similar to how mortgage lenders assess applicants. However, it could be a way of releasing equity in a property you own without redeeming a mortgage that already exists on the property.

Personal asset secured loans

Alternatively, you can use your personal assets as collateral. Watches, precious metals, fine wine, jewellery and vehicles can all be used to get a much-needed loan. This method does not require any credit checks and is also a quick way of raising funds.

If you have a complex credit history and need to raise finance for any purpose, speak to our expert team at AssetLend to see how we can help.

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