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A beginner's guide on buying a luxury watch

What should you be considering for your first purchase?

Looking to buy your first luxury watch but don't know where to start or what to look for? Do not worry, we have compiled a guide on some important things to consider when buying a luxury watch.


Where and when do you want to wear your new watch? This is the first question you need to be asking yourself. You may be looking for something to wear everyday, to work or something reserved for special occasions. The answer will help you decide the style of watch you need.

Two of the most common watch styles are dress watches and sports watches. The former is typically worn with a suit, formal attire or business casual attire. They can be worn daily to work but are usually worn on special occasions, such as black tie events. The latter is a highly functional and durable type of watch. They can be worn with formal attire but more commonly worn with casual wear.


The materials used on a watch can affect its feel and prestige. Common materials used on luxury watches include yellow/white/rose gold, stainless steel, leather or platinum. Certain styles of watches are typically associated with certain materials. For example, dress watches commonly have leather straps.

Something to bear in mind is that certain watch models can come made in different materials. So if you have found a watch model that appeals to you but you would prefer yellow gold rather than white gold, it may be worth researching to see if you can find the model in a version that suits your preference.

Pre-owned or New?

Similarly to buying a pre-owned car, buying a pre-owned watch can be cheaper than buying a brand new model. It would be wise to do your due diligence when looking at pre-owned watches to ensure that they come with all the necessary checks, documents and warranties.

Buying pre-owned doesn't always mean getting a bargain. Some watches can become more expensive on the second-hand market due to high demand.


How much can you spend? Again, this is one of the first questions you need to be asking yourself. Luxury watches range vastly in price - from a few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands. With so many choices, it can be easy to stretch your budget further than you initially anticipated! Some retailers now offer interest-free or monthly payment plans, which may help in buying the watch you want.


Being watch lovers, we would recommend in buying something that you will love and wear often. However, some models have appreciated in price in recent years, making luxury watches a potentially attractive investment. So it may be financially profitable to buy a model now and sell it later down the line. Naturally, this comes with some risk and you could be buying a watch that doesn't necessarily suit your personal taste. We would suggest buying a watch mainly because you love it, that way you won't be disappointed!

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