We have helped business owners across the country expand their business. Whether your business is an established company or a start-up, we can assist. As we are not restricted to any panel of lenders, we can search the whole market to ensure that we find you the best quote.

Business Loans

Unsecured Loans designed to help with business expansion

What is a Business Loan?


An Unsecured Business Loan can be used for a wide variety of reasons, including:


  • Purchase office equipment

  • Hire additional staff

  • Consolidate existing debt

  • Purchase stock


Key Criteria

Loan Size: £1,000 - £1 million

Loan Term: 6 months - 5 years

Borrower: All types of company structure considered

Rates: Starting from 3% per annum

Credit History: All credit profiles considered


Asset Finance

Finance used to purchase operational equipment or to refinance equipment that is already owned

What is Asset Finance?

Asset Finance is a type of funding used by businesses to acquire or refinance equipment. In particular, this is is equipment that is vital to the operations of the business. An example is a Construction business using Asset Finance to purchase plant equipment that would enable it to undertake bigger projects.

Key Criteria


Loan Size: £1,000 - £10 million

Loan Term: Up to 10 years

Borrower: All types of company structure considered

Rates: POA

Credit History: All credit profiles considered


Invoice Finance

A funding line set up to realise outstanding invoice amounts, allowing you to continue offering credit terms to your customers

What is Invoice Finance?

Many suppliers offer credit terms to their customers. However, whilst waiting for these funds to come in from debtors, cash-flow may suffer. Invoice Finance provides a solution to these cash-flow problems, whilst still allowing customers to use the benefits of credit terms. Lenders are able to fund up to 100% of the invoice amount for a fee (invoice discounting) or up to 90% of the invoice amount (invoice factoring). With invoice discounting, you can retain full control over the collection of the invoice at the end of the term, whilst invoice factoring involves the lender taking over control of the invoice collection.


Key Criteria


Loan Size: £500,000

Loan Term: Up to 1 year

Fees: Negotiable

Loan-to-Value: Maximum 100% of the invoice amount

Credit History: All credit profiles considered


Structured Finance

Finance packages and restructuring solutions to take your business to the next level

Our expert team work alongside businesses of all sizes to help them either source new funding channels or restructure their current finances. 

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